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Internet Browsing Issues and Subpoena Issues on Your Identity for Your Browsing History

The downloading and sharing of copyrighted works such as videos, music files and videos using Torrent software has been a practice that has been against those companies that sell such content online and these companies have been cracking down on those doing this. Strike 3 Holdings LLC is one of the companies that has been so aggressive on these activities of producing and promoting such kinds of content. Their activities are around the renting and selling of DVDs of such graphic content via mail, video stores and even through the cable networks. Besides, subscribers to their content can as well access their content through their website as well. Now, over the past few months have seen the company out on such a determined pursuit of those users of their content who may have these downloaded using Torrent software and had the same shared to other users.

In the event that you happen to be faced with such matters, your home internet service provider will be the one to send you a letter first. The letter is often one that informs you that a subpoena has been issued by the DA seeking for the revealing of your identity as the Strike 3 holdings company already has sufficient evidence that your IP address or personal internet account has been sued for the downloading and sharing of their content illegally. Where your internet service provider goes ahead and responds to the subpoena from the DA as has been requested, the end result will be in the company, that is Strike 3 holdings, having such unfettered access to your internet information and details, from the sites, visited, download and upload history and all there may be.

Bear in mind the fact that there is never sufficient time for one to oppose the subpoena against them in a federal court of law. This shouldn’t be your only concern as ignoring the subpoena as well has consequences as well, the information being revealed to Strike 3 who will then proceed with it to the courts for arbitration for infringement of copyright, a case that will now be a matter of public knowledge with all the evidence that they may have gathered all along.

By far and large, in the event that you are faced with such kind of a lawsuit, we would advise that you go for a Strike 3 settlement as the fastest way to have these done with, get back your peace of mind and make all the necessary settlements anonymously. Though you may have some other reservations when it comes to these settlements, you will still appreciate them as the best for you as you will resolve the matter as fast as can be and at the same time protect your identity.

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