Stay in Jeseníi

While more and more people enjoy traveling on a holiday by plane, there are still places where it is more worthwhile to take a car. One of these places is our mountains. Tourists who opt for summer holiday in the mountains, still most often choose this option of transport. We also offer you the possibility of mountain accommodation.
Why do tourists prefer to use their own transport for a holiday trip? The explanation is simple. Our mountains, but also the Slovak ones, are located quite close to our Republic and therefore the ride to the Slovak Mountains is not so long and tedious. The length of the journey depends on where you are going. And if our server will arrange holiday accommodation in the mountain accommodation, there is nothing to solve.
On the mountain own transport-accommodation from us!
Do you want to stop where you want? Would you like to be able to travel the day before and admire the beauties of our homeland? Take the car and leave the mountain accommodation to us!

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