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The Traveler’s Guide to River Danube Cruise in Europe

Exploration of the continent can be done through going for river cruising in Europe. European river cruises are the best for you if you are looking for incredible landscapes, medieval villages, and even the history-filled towns with great wine. Selecting the best river for a cruise is not something simple for you. Hence, you need to research properly in this. First, you need to have quick facts about the Danube which includes the coverage of the river. Have a look at the quick facts on the Europe Danube river cruise.

Understanding the river better is key and having facts about the river is what you need to check first. The Danube river is a long river which passes across four main capitals in Europe which are the Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and the Belgrade. Since the Danube is not small, it is the second-longest in Europe having a length of 2860km. The river has many tributaries which are about 300 with 30 out of these being navigable for a total length of 2415km. 1989735km2 is the total area of the river in terms of the drainage. Since the days of the Roman Empire, the river has been one of the important waterways in Europe.

The river is good for business purposes interconnecting ten countries acting as the common trade route. The Danube is also good since it connects Europe from eastern side to the west. The itineraries options available for you are many since the river has more of its waterways being navigable with a length of over 2000. The sectioning of the river is done into three parts namely the lower Danube, middle Danube and the upper Danube. Hence, you need to know the best season to visit the Danube for maximum enjoyment as per your wish.

During the months of July to September being on their peaks is when you will get the most cruise on the river, and it is always busy. Also, you may decide to have the Christmas here where there are largest shopping centers. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of spectacular architecture when having a cruise on the river since it enables you to visit many countries. The Danube enables you to have enough fan for your river cruise and enjoy the mass tourism experience from there. You will realize that combining this cruise and the Rhine, it will take you three weeks with many fans on top.

Budapest, Vienna, and Passau are the popular places you are going to enjoy the cruise known for their perfect atmosphere, shipping opportunities, and thermal bathing. You will also have a chance to learn more about culture and architecture in the summer since the weather will be supportive for you to wonder in the streets.

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